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Meaningful tattoos for women

Body art is a great way of expressing yourself and showing the world who you are. Tattoos are beautiful but these days people get anything tattooed on them just because it is trendy. A tattoo should be meaningful to the individual in one way or another, not just something that looks pretty. If you want a tattoo but are unsure what to get them take a look through the following about meaningful tattoos for women, in order to ensure that you do not make a decision that you will regret later.

Meaningful tattoos for women

A tattoo without meaning is a waste of space on your body. So what type of meaningful tattoos could you get?

You might want to get a tattoo to remember a person who has left your life or is still in it. You might get a tattoo that represents or celebrates a particular time in your life. When somebody says to you ‘Nice tattoo…what’s that all about?’ you will be able to tell them a story about why you have it.

If you want tattoo can remind you of a family member or close friend who has passed away. This could be anything from their name to a little something that reminds you of them. Of course, you will never forget the person you have lost but when you look at your tattoo it will make you think of them even more, and make you smile at the memories you made.

Your children are a part of you forever and the love from a mother to a child, is the best kind of love in this world. On the other hand it is not good idea to tattoo a partners name even if you have been together for a long time. Getting a tattoo with a partners name is known as a ‘curse’ in ink world, and highly advised against. However if you are sure, then instead of getting a name why not get a little character that reminds you of each other. For example, maybe you call your husband ‘bunny’, a little tattoo of a bunny rabbit could be sweet.

A great meaningful tattoo to get is lyrics from a song or a quote, where the words mean a lot to you. If, for example a song made you feel better during a particularly bad period in your life, a line from the song would mean a lot to you.

If you are a religious person, then a cross or something to symbolize your faith would be very meaningful for you.

The best way to find a meaningful tattoo for yourself, is to look inside your heart and think about what means the most to you in the world. Your family, pets or even a hobby, then simply try and incorporate this passion into a tattoo.

Where on the body to put meaningful tattoos for women

Delicate places on the skin can be a really nice spot for tattoos for women. The nape of the neck, wrist and hip are some good and popular locations. Also consider the size and shape of the tattoo and decide where it would fit best on your body.

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Express yourself through a meaningful tattoo quote

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular these days. A tattoo not only shows your style but it also shows your characteristic. This is the reason that there is a lot of demand for meaningful tattoos quotes, so that the people who are carrying them, not only are able to project what they want to express through their tattoos, but also don’t look like as if they are copying someone.

The search for the exclusive tattoo quote makes complete sense, as it is not easy to go for new tattoos every other day, they are not like your T-shirts lines which if you don’t like you can change it the next day. It’s a bit complex with tattoos, if you don’t like a tattoo that you are carrying than you have to stay with it everywhere you go. So, it is wise to select a tattoo quote which suits your personality and style.


How to narrow down the search for just the right one?

It is not easy to find the exact right quote. But you must keep few things in mind before you finalize a quote. First, why are you going for a tattoo? On which part of your body you are going to use the quote? The quote that you choose should be, as exact in expressing your feeling, as possible. A quote that may have multiple meanings is useless.


Where to search for meaningful tattoos quotes?

When you go to the shop, you can search there also. But unfortunately most of the quotes there will be outdated and common ones. But there are many websites that offer very good tattoos quotes which you can surf through Google. Just be sure what kind of quote you want. You can always look at celebrity tattoos to know what is the trend.

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tattoo quotes for girls

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A lot of people enjoy tattoos. A simple image on one’s back, limbs or torso can convey a complex set of emotions more effectively than spoken words. However, simple images also have their limits. Although they’re very good at conveying emotion, they can’t express knowledge or meaning just as easily as actual words. This is partly the reason why some people prefer tattoo quotes to picture tattoos. Quotes convey specific ideas, and for some people, this is more important than having a beautiful image etched prominently on their flesh.

How to Choose Tattoo Quotes

When picking quotes for your tattoo, it’s important to take certain factors into consideration. First of all, you need to remember that as you get older, your skin will age. Naturally, when your skin becomes wrinkly, the appearance of your tattoos will no longer be as recognizable as it once was. Because of this, it’s best to put tattoo quotes on areas of your body that will experience the least amount of change over the years, such as your ankles and wrists.

Secondly, consider the font size of the tattoos. Large words and letters are preferable if you plan to show off your tattoos. However, they also take up a lot of space, particularly if you’re using a lengthy phrase or quote. On the other hand, a smaller font size doesn’t require a lot of space, but they are also more difficult to read. So smaller fonts are most appropriate if you plan to only show your tattoo to people you’re close with.

Thirdly, only get word tattoos from a tattoo artist who specializes in tattoo lettering. This is because creating words and letters is a lot different from doing art work. When writing tattoo quotes, it’s important that the letters can easily be read by those who are reading them. They also need to be written in such a way that they will not look awkward or out of place on your skin. So before you get a word tattoo, be sure that your tattoo artist can get the job done.

short quotes for tattoos

Finally, you should decide whether you want to show off your tattoo or put it on private areas of your body. Remember that different tattoo quotes have complex meanings, and some people want to convey that meaning to people they are close to. Tattoo love quotes, for example, are best placed in private or semi-private areas of the body.

On the other hand, general themed quotes can be placed on your arms, where they can be easily read. For example, tattoo sayings for girls don’t have to be witty or romantic phrases. Sometimes, an empowering speech from famous female figure or an ancient proverb about women can be just as effective, and you are free to show it off to people you meet.

short quotes for tattoos

Additional Reminders When Getting Quote Tattoos

When searching for your options, it’s best to start with short quotes for tattoos. Short quotes conserve space and they can be customized more easily than length sayings. There are plenty of good quotes in the English language, but if you want something exotic then try a different language for inspiration.

A couple of good examples include Latin or Roman sayings. For example, the saying “Odi Et Amo Excrucior”(I Love You and I Hate You, and I am Tormented) is expressed in four simple words, but when translated into English, the saying is much longer. Another good example are Chinese or Japanese characters, which can convey a complex set of meanings with a few calligraphic images.

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